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Derma Series is a line of multi­functional highly effective skincare products developed in advanced scientific labora­tories in Europe. DS products are created for performing cosmetic care treatments aimed to renew all regene­ration processes in the skin.

Owing to highly scientific knowledge and techno­logies used in formu­lation and manufacturing Derma Series products:

  • Consist of highly refined (non-reactive) ingredients and, as a result, can be combined together with other care products, complement mesotherapy treatments, cosmeto­logical treatments using devices and aggressive treatment techniques such as chemical peels and plastic surgery;
  • Have the maximum effective con­centration of innovative active ingredients;
  • Are cosme­ceutical, bio­available, bioactive and, as a result, highly efficient;
  • Contain active ingredients molecules similar in size to the skin’s structural components providing the most effective, targeting and safe effect.

Derma Series provides beauticians with:

  • Complete therapeutic treatment protocols with all the products working in a synergy between each other;
  • Opportunity to use single line products to complement other brands’ care treatments with and without devices in the saloon;
  • A product line and flexibility to create effective professional treatments depending on the needs and abilities of the client;
  • A line of home care products aimed to maintain and strengthen the effect of the professional cabin treatment;
  • Economically – considered financial policy providing stability and confidence in the future.